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Newsletter - March 2011

Welcome to our March Newsletter. This month we are keeping you up to date with the upcoming BWC 2011 Grand Final and some of the great 75 and 90 Ball games that you can play, experience and win at.

A big congratulation from everyone here goes out to sexy minx who won the Quarters Progressive Jackpot of $7,652.51 on February 22nd! Could you be our next big winner?

Also keep an eye out in your email this March for some St. Patricks Day cash specials that we are confident will having you feeling the luck of Irish.

Full House 50

Full House 50 We're calling all you Full House Fanatics out there. If you can get your full house in 50 calls or less we'll give you the Full House Jackpot of £200.

Even if you miss the jackpot you'll still be in line to claim a prize pot starting at £10 and all this for only 10 pence cards.

Play Full House 50 in Party 90 every day at 3:45pm and 4:45pm EST.

3 in 1 Speed

3 in 1 Speed
3 in 1 Speed plays from 1pm to 2pm EST daily in Party 75
, and does exactly what it says. For a single 25 cent card you can play for three different and unique Jackpots starting at $500.

Not only do you get three games for the price of one but there is also a minimum pot of $30 up for grabs.

Bingo World Championship 2011

Bingo World Championship 2011
The BWC 2011 Freeroll ran in February which means we now know the full line of players that will battle it out in the Grand Final on March 26th for the $8,000 prize fund and most importantly the bragging rights of Bingo World Champion 2011.

The BWC Grand Final itself will take place on March 26th at 5pm EST and all qualifying players will be emailed shortly to confirm their entry and instructions on how to enter the game. You can also visit the website to check for your name as one of our Group Stage qualifiers or one of our lucky Freeroll winners.

350% First Deposit Bonus

350% First Deposit Bonus
Have you made your first deposit yet? If not then are you in for a treat!! Our First Deposit Bonus is a massive 350%. If you have already made your first deposit then why not recommend us to a friend or family member.

Not only will they be able to take advantage of the 350% First Deposit Bonus but we will also give you 50% of their first deposit too. It's a win win situation for you both.

75% Reload Bonus

75% Reload Bonus
This March we are giving every player, for every deposit they make a 75% Reload Bonus. Simply make a deposit of $10 or above and you will be rewarded every single time with a 75% Bonus.

And with all our other bonuses this month you will have plenty of free money to win any one of our Progressive Jackpots.

February Winners

December Winners A special congratulation goes out to our many lucky winners in February. Here is a summary just some of the big winners:

sweetmamicook won $1,275.49 playing Fruit Wheels on February 27th!

sexy minx won the Quarters Progressive Jackpot of $7,652.51 on February 22nd!

buddybingo_bm won $1,500.00 playing Pull Tabs Pets on February 21st!

fishhooks333 won the 3 in 1 Dimes Blackout Jackpot of $1,315.67 on February 10th!

You could be the next lucky winner, but remember you have to be in it to win it. So buy your cards today and be our next Progressive Jackpot winner.

Monthly Tournament Winners - February

Top Bingo Players by Bingo Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. 1angel_bm 100
2. gaets55 90
3. REDSKINS 74 80
4. Y NOT ME 70
5. puppies 60
6. wvahoney1 50
7. clanceyforme 40
8. chriscan 30
9. Candy_ 20
10. Joneses  10

Top Slots Players by Slot Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. dogmaster 100
2. buddybingo_bm 90
3. dingaling 80
4. sweetmamicook 70
5. daisyday1_pr 60
6. luvmyfloridagators 50
7. doright 40
8. Jp4Atta 30
9. kiebe1 20
10. ShadyStarr  10

First Deposit Bonus
All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

For all future deposits over $10 you will receive a 75% Reload Bonus on every deposit you make.

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of $10 to receive any bonus!!


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