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Newsletter - February 2011

Its February already and there is certainly love in the air this month!! Check out all of the great promotions we have below along with details of the new Free 90 Hall that has a great cash game, as well the launch of the new Jackpot Keno game.

And with it being February keep an eye out in your email for some Valentines Day cash specials that are sure to leave you weak at the knees.

Jackpot Keno

Jackpot Keno Welcome to the world of Jackpot Keno. This brand new version is similar to the standard Keno we have where you choose your numbers, place your bet and the more numbers you match the bigger your winnings.

Jackpot Keno differs because you can also choose an additional bet before the game starts to multiple your winnings by 2, 3, 5, 7 or even by 9 which can really increase the amount you win. And as an extra bonus you will also be given FREE Jackpot Numbers every game which are randomly generated at the beginning, match all these numbers to claim the Progressive Jackpot which grows every time a game is played.

With a Progressive Jackpot and the chance to multiple your standard winnings by 9 every game, playing Keno will never be the same again.

Cash Splash

Cash Splash As the recession continues to bite we have come up with something that will let you get your bingo feet wet again.

Play Splash Cash every day in our Free 90 Hall and win REAL CASH with prizes ranging from £1 to £5 and you could also be walking away with the £150 Jackpot on each game. You can even withdraw any winnings or if you prefer you can then go on to play some of our other bingo games and convert it in to more cash.

Which ever way you look at it you will be able to play for free which makes you a winner from the start and providing you have a previous deposit within the last 30 days you can even withdraw it, making this a rather special and unique opportunity.

Bingo World Championship 2011

Bingo World Championship 2011
The 3rd and final round of the Bingo World Championship 2011 finished at the end of January and saw the final guaranteed seats to the $8,000 Grand Final confirmed. Check out the final standing to see if you made it.  

All is not lost though for those who missed out as every single player who played 1,000 or more bingo games this January will be entered in to our BWC Freeroll on February 26th at 5pm EST where 20 very lucky players will win their seat and a shot at the $8,000. All qualifying players will be emailed shortly to confirm their entry.

350% First Deposit Bonus

350% First Deposit Bonus
Have you made your first deposit yet? If not then are you in for a treat!! Our First Deposit Bonus is a massive 350%. If you have already made your first deposit then why not recommend us to a friend or family member.

Not only will they be able to take advantage of the 350% First Deposit Bonus but we will also give you 50% of their first deposit too. It's a win win situation for you both.

75% Reload Bonus

75% Reload Bonus
This February we are giving every player, for every deposit they make a 75% Reload Bonus. Simply make a deposit of $10 or above and you will be rewarded every single time with a 75% Bonus.

And with all our other bonuses this month you will have plenty of free money to win any one of our Progressive Jackpots.

January Winners

December Winners A special congratulation goes out to our many lucky winners in January. Here is a summary just some of the big winners:

soogie350 won $797.86 playing Emotions on January 27th!

janjan_bm won $1,196.79 playing Pull Tabs Waterworld on January 27th!

pppnut won the Blowout 75 Progressive Jackpot of $2,269.29 on January 19th!

You could be the next lucky winner, but remember you have to be in it to win it. So buy your cards today and be our next Progressive Jackpot winner.

Monthly Tournament Winners - January

Top Bingo Players by Bingo Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. pnutz 100
2. wvahoney1 90
3. Mia11 80
4. Barbie_pr 70
5. sixrids_mq 60
6. bender2004 50
7. Dolly123 40
8. Hope Its Me 30
9. REDSKINS 74 20
10. Justkaiser  10

Top Slots Players by Slot Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. sour_apple 100
2. dogmaster 90
3. mItWaRpS.1 80
4. out_there 70
5. kiebe1 60
6. sixrids_mq 50
7. mobay1 40
8. buddybingo_bm 30
9. mooch_bm 20
10. sassyjan  10

First Deposit Bonus
All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

For all future deposits over $10 you will receive a 75% Reload Bonus on every deposit you make.

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of $10 to receive any bonus!!


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