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Happy Birthday to Us!!

The Bingo Entertainment Network turns 6 this year and we're ready to party.

Originally comprised of just 4 sites, we keep getting bigger and better with a total of 12 sites in all today!

Join us on Thursday, 11th June as we celebrate our 6th Birthday. Watch your mail for details on this very special promotion!

Free Bonus Money Given Away!

Our Memorial Day Free Bingo Extravaganza was a huge success as hundreds of players competed for some really huge bonus prizes.

SouthernRose_bm won $227.00!

Moin1 won $256.00!

Tootsnw won $282.00!

Kimme won $286.00!

‘LINDA and Dirty Diana split a prize of $272.00 winning $136.00 each!

Qdpie_bm won $230.00!

Congratulations to all the big winners and thanks to everyone who participated.

Progressive Jackpot Winner!

Congratulations go out to gummy07 from Pukekohe, New Zealand for winning the 3 in 1 AUD$731.92 Progressive Jackpot on the 7th May!

Chat Specials

Our chat room is a great place to while away the day, socializing with friends and playing bingo. There's also the added attraction of FREE bonus money to be won! Our chat games play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They're a great way to earn additional bonuses so you can enjoy even more online bingo games absolutely free.

Play Deal or No Deal for a chance to win as much as 10 BBs, or try your luck at our 8 Spot Chat Keno for a chance to win a whopping 64 BBs!!

Simply be in chat while playing bingo to be eligible to win great bonuses!

Deposit Bonuses 100% Deposit Bonus
All other deposits receive:

Over $300 = 100% BONUS

$150-$299 = 75% BONUS

$20-$149 = 50% BONUS

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of $20* to receive any bonus!!
Bonus Terms

Progressive Jackpots

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Main Hall

90 Ball Hall

Nickel Hall

3, 4, 5 Reel Slots

Chat Companions

Keep your day full of sunshine by chatting every day with our Chat Companions

Beth, Rusty, Sam, Julia,
Hayley, Brenda and Nicky

Popular Cash Specials
$500 Must Go Games
You could be a big winner this weekend with these fantastic $500 games. They play in our 75 Ball Hall every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30pm EST with a guaranteed $500 to the winner. Will you be next?

Cash Climber
This Must Go Guaranteed Jackpot can crown the next big winner. The jackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 until it's won. Join us in the 75 Ball Hall for this game everyday from 10pm-11pm EST.

Franklin's Fortunes
Looking for some fortune? Come along everyday for your chance to play $100 games with a $2,500 JP playing on 25c cards from 9pm - 10pm EST.

Daily Delights
These games are a true Delight! For every card you buy, you get one free! Play 3 – 300 cards for 5c each from
6pm - 7pm EST for $30 pots & $1,500 JP.

Lucky Number 3
This game has everything to do with the number 3. Playing on 3cent cards, it has a $33 prize and a $333 Jackpot. Play 3-333 cards daily from 3pm-4pm EST.

Big Winners
Winner Date Country Game Winnings
jmom22  1/5/2009 USA Pull Tabs $600.00
Cilla_pr 3/5/2009 USA Slots $500.00
Y NOT ME 3/5/2009 USA Pull Tabs $600.00
Shaylene  4/5/2009 Canada Bingo $500.00
flicker_pr 6/5/2009 USA Slots $625.00
gummy07  7/5/2009 NZ Bingo $731.92 AUD
bono1fanbp  12/5/2009 UK Blackjack £250.00
beadygurl 12/5/2009 USA Slots $501.00
bono1fanbp  13/5/2009 UK Slots £301.00
kiebe1  18/5/2009 USA Pull Tabs $600.00
Sculpty45 18/5/2009 Canada Slots $625.25
Cilla_pr  27/5/2009 USA Pull Tabs $600.00
behaviorist 30/5/2009 USA KENO $500.00

Play your favorite games and you could win fantastic bonuses every month!

If your game is bingo, we are rewarding our top 10 players by most Games Played,
where you can win up to 100 BBs every month.

The players by Most Games Won are rewarded with up to 300 BBs every month.

If you are a Slots fan the top 10 players by Most Spins can win up to 100 BBs.

Bingo Tournaments - May 2009 Winners
Top Bingo Players by Games Played Top Bingo Players by Games Won Top Slots Players by Spins

No Nickname Games Played
1. juanita_bm 21864
2. rabbitt_ms 11016
3. Shaylene 10833
4. suebeez 8586
5. Y NOT ME 8211
6. scoot 7656
7. brysgirl 6990
8. kiebe1 6620
9. frostytdw 6256
10. Can'tWinChit_mq 6030

No Nickname Games won
1. juanita_bm 1794
2. scoot 1260
3. populus 1220
4. stunn1968 1002
5. kiebe1 845
6. Shaylene 791
7. smokie22 705
8. Lambchop_ms 686
9. dogmaster_bm 674
10. mobay1 668

No Nickname Spin n
1. susieq222 16251
2. fiveblackcats 15894
3. 2cool4you 14336
4. SouthernRose_bm 13113
5. Teerrie 12481
6. mobay1 11872
7. Atta Girl 11281
8. texrome 10378
9. logansnana 9905
10. dogmaster_bm 9527

Bonus Bank Exchange
Exchange your Bonus Bank dollars into gifts or playable bonuses!

$50 in Bonus Bank = a mug or a mouse pad     |    $500 in Bonus Bank = a $20 playable bonus
$1000 in Bonus Bank = a $40 playable bonus   |    $1500 in Bonus Bank = a $60 playable bonus
$2000 in Bonus Bank = a $80 playable bonus   |    Exchanges can be done only once per month.

For example if you have $3,000 in your bonus bank, the maximum amount that can be exchanged in one month is $2,000 and the remaining $1,000 can be exchanged the following month.
Make sure your exchange requests are sent on the 15th of each month to and your gift will be sent by mail or your playable bonus will be credited to your account as soon as possible.
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