Bingo Splash
Progressive Jackpot
We are proud to introduce to you a brand new side game called Jackpot Keno and a brand new Free Hall with REAL CASH winnings that you can withdraw.

Jackpot Keno is similar to the standard Keno we have where you choose your numbers, place your bet and the more numbers you match the bigger your winnings. Jackpot Keno differs because you can also choose an additional bet before the game starts to multiple your winnings by 2, 3, 5, 7 or even by 9 which can really increase the amount you win. And as an extra bonus you will also be given FREE Jackpot Numbers every game which are randomly generated at the beginning, match all these numbers to claim the Progressive Jackpot which grows every time a game is played.

Cash Splash
Play Splash Cash every day in our Free 90 Ball Bingo Hall and win REAL CASH with prizes ranging from £1 to £5 and you could also be walking away with the £150 Jackpot on each game. You can even withdraw any winnings or if you prefer you can then go on to play some of our other bingo games and convert it in to more cash.

Which ever way you look at it you will be able to play for free which makes you a winner from the start and providing you have a previous deposit within the last 30 days you can even withdraw it, making this a rather special and unique opportunity.
Progressive Jackpots
$7,001.76 $4,862.09
$1,803.25 $3,329.25
Bingo Splash