Bingo Splash

Here they are!! The Cash Specials you have been looking for. With guaranteed pots and huge Progressive Jackpots up for grabs today's the day to change your luck and win big.

3 in 1 Speed Bingo
Playing from 1pm to 2pm EST daily, this game does exactly what it says. For a single 25 cent card you can play for three different and unique Jackpots. Not only do you get three games for the price of one but there is also a minimum pot of $30.

We don't mean to be rude, but we would love you all to BOGOF. That's right; it's our Buy One Get One Free hour. Playing bingo daily between 7pm and 8pm EST for every card you purchase we will give you another absolutely free up to 100 Cards. That has doubled your chances of winning and cost you nothing.

Progressive Jackpots
 $951.82 $1,945.55
Bingo Splash